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Thank you for your time. Download Resources & Find a Treatment Center.

We appreciate your time and participation. We offer additional informational resources on severe COPD/emphysema for you to download.

Letter for GPs/
Primary Care Physicians

Take this letter to your next GP
appointment to start the conversation.


Letter for Chest Physician

Talk to your Chest Physician to get a referral to a treatment centre for further testing.


Zephyr Valve Treatment Centres

Download a list of all centres in the UK and Ireland offering Zephyr Valve Treatment.


Patient Education Brochure

The Zephyr Endobronchial Valve: Is it right for you? Download the brochure to learn more.


Contact us, if you have any further questions:

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Find a Zephyr® Valve Treatment Centre Near You

It may be time to talk to your doctor about whether a new treatment
option for severe COPD/emphysema is right for you.

View the treatment centres by searching the map below.