Patient Stories

The Zephyr Valve Improves Patients’ Quality of Life and Allows Them to Do More1

Hear from patients who had become limited in their lives due to emphysema and now live a better quality of life doing the things they love with the help of the Zephyr Valve.

Cornelius Power – Ireland

Happy to be teaching horse riding again

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Bev Hewitt – United Kingdom

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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Letitia Swardt – Ireland

Regaining my independence.

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Patricia Williams – United Kingdom

Getting back to being happy-go-lucky.

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Patricia Maloney – Middlesborough, United Kingdom

Making the most of being a people person again.

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Anette Olesen from Denmark

Finally able to be a mum again.

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J. Brandl from Cologne, Germany

“Zest for life - despite/defying shortness of breath!”

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Chris White – Birmingham, United Kingdom

Can enjoy the time with her grandchildren again

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