Emphysema Treatment Options

Thank you for completing our emphysema self-test. You may be at risk of developing severe emphysema. Below is some useful information about emphysema and treatment options.

Emphysema can’t be cured, but there are treatment options that could improve your quality of life.

With the right treatment, you could breathe more easily, be more active and enjoy life.
There are treatment options available with and without medication.

COPD/Emphysema Treatment Options

COPD medicines, stop smoking programmes, lung exercises, oxygen therapy


Endoscopic lung volume reduction — e.g., Zephyr Valve

Surgical lung volume reduction

Lung transplant

Zephyr Valve Treatment

If you’ve stopped smoking or are willing to stop, and your medications are no longer working, you may be suitable for a minimally invasive treatment. Treatment with Zephyr Valves, also known as bronchoscopic lung volume reduction, doesn’t require surgery. It is a simple medical procedure.

Using a device called a bronchoscope, the doctor places small one-way valves that block air from entering the most diseased part of your lung and allow for the healthier parts to function better. Once this happens, you feel relief from the pressure on your diaphragm, and you can begin to breathe easier.

Listen to a Patient Story

Hear from Patricia, whose life has been changed for the better by Zephyr Valve Treatment:

Patricia’s Story

Making the most of being a people person again

Listen to Patricia’s Story

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